Designing agility for
the third sector

There’s a change coming. Meet it with your eyes open.

How do you keep doing good? You see change ahead. Shifts in funding. Tightening regulation. Growing competition. The world you knew has started to dissolve.

We help you stay sustainable by finding new ways to be relevant. New models of service. Other ways of working. Along the way, we tackle the basic questions:

  • What do changes in our environment mean for our mission and operations?
  • Are we giving our clients and stakeholders what they need? Or what we think they need?
  • Who else out there could we be helping?
  • Who else could we partner with to share resources or campaigns?

Asking these questions may not be comfortable. But finding out is always worth it.

What we do

We’ll define the exact mix of services with you.

A typical project in your sector could involve:

  • Strategic planning
  • Horizon scanning
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Capability analysis
  • Business model analysis
  • Facilitation
  • Tactical planning

How we do it

We help you redefine what your organisation is, does, and could be.

We’ve done this for charities, peak bodies, service organisations, and advocacy groups in Australia and abroad.

When we work with you, we hit bedrock: the root of the problem, or what you really need. That gives us a base to build on. Everything you do after that — outreach, services, advocacy — is more grounded. Resilient.

And we’ll do this work with you, not to you. There is a way to reinvent your organisation and stay true to your values.


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