Future-gazing for the National Archives

As a cultural institution, NAA was lagging behind other institutions in delivering progressive views of its work and exhibits to the public.

NAA wanted to imagine what it could look like as future-focussed organisation.

acidlabs worked with NAA leadership and staff to develop and facilitate workshops as a part of its The Social Archive project. The workshops encour­aged staff to envis­age the future of the NAA in two, five, and 10 years, strongly engaged with the pub­lic and its own peo­ple, as a valu­able repos­i­tory of Australia’s cul­tural heritage.

To develop the workshops we con­ducted discovery inter­views with senior staff on NAA strate­gic direc­tion and to deter­mine the scope of the project in terms of organ­i­sa­tional futures. We then designed and delivered the work­shops con­sist­ing of a set of exploratory exer­cises and activ­i­ties to build a story over time of how staff saw the NAA now, what they desired from the NAA and how that might be achieved.


National Archives of Australia




design thinking, facilitation


galleries libraries and museums, government, interviews, organisational futures, workshop development, workshop facilitation