Empowering NDIS participants to manage their own claims

Many of the clients of the National Disability Insurance Scheme want to manage their own affairs – selecting services and making claims against the funding the NDIS provides them – according to their personal preferences as to providers and supports they wish to access.

acidlabs was engaged by DSS to provide service design, design strategy, accessibility analysis, and user experience services as a part of the development of the National Disability Insurance Agency Participant Portal, providing services to recipients of services under the NDIS.

Working with stakeholders and business owners, we first translated real-world requirements into designs for products, services, policy and technology, while also working with a range of technical specialists including business analysts, policy writers, development teams, and senior management across several agencies served by DSS.

As advocates for users, we also conducted interviews and focus group testing with a range of NDIS participants including carers and people with disabilities. This research fed into the development of prototypes that were then tested with the same group and that served as direct guidance for development of the Participant Portal itself.


Department of Social Services, National Disability insurance Agency



Approaches used

product design, service design, user experience design

Related topics

a11y, accessibility, cxd, government, interviews, prototyping, uxd, wireframing