Strategic alignment and digital transformation of service channels for AFSA

AFSA is the federal government body charged with managing issues of bankruptcy in Australia.

AFSA had spent significant money and time improving their call centre channel to be more modern and responsive to the way Australian are dealing with bankruptcy and realised that printed matter and their website no longer matched their call centre.

acidlabs completed business strategy research with AFSA staff in Canberra and Adelaide as well as contextual observation of call centre staff in Adelaide and analysis of change in call centre operations and services.

We completed an as-is analysis of their existing website and printed materials to define the gap between call centre channel service delivery and other channels. We also undertook a range of research activities with potential users of AFSA’s site to validate our research and design outputs.

Finally, we delivered a package of artefacts to help AFSA’s development provider to undertake a redevelopment of their website, including:

  • a 2-year website strategy and service change proposal for modernisation of web and printed matter channels
  • a prototype new information architecture
  • a prototype website design at wireframe and interaction level
  • a service hand-off prototype to show how consistent interaction between service channels could be implemented


Australian Financial Security Authority




service design, user experience design, organisation design


government, information architecture, interaction design, interviews, observational research, prototyping, uxd, wireframing