Understanding the community around people living with dementia

Dementia Australia is the national peak body for the community living with, researching, caring for, or funding work with dementia/

Dementia Australia wanted a better understanding of how the various demographics they work with perceived their work, as well as richer detail about those demographics themselves.

We undertook discovery research with Dementia Australia staff to determine their concerns over gaps in their knowledge of their community. We then designed a quantitative survey to more deeply explore the demography of the community around people living with dementia, including questions focussed on better understanding gender identity, mental health, drug dependency, rural and regional representation and access to services, their experience of criminality and links to their condition.

We also designed a qualitative survey to build knowledge of the community response to cyclical campaigns.

acidlabs helped with planning for survey distribution through EDM and the Dementia Australia website, including specific targeting through campaign pages and emails and then completed an analysis of the survey results (over 1500 responses).

As a result of the increased understanding of their community from this survey, Dementia Australia now runs quarterly rolling surveys to build on the initial data gathered.


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