Helping at risk families manage their data

Families in lower socio-economic tiers often struggle to access services in an equitable way, and bureaucracy requires they provide the same information to multiple providers in government and the third sector on many occasions.

We conducted research with families at risk to understand their information access capabilities and data-sharing needs and developed an accessible field-testable application prototype for a tool those families could use to self-manage and control access to their own data. Rather than being controlled by the information needs of others, these families could then share in a managed way with various government and third sector organisations to access services and assistance.

For this project, we conducted stakeholder interviews, additional research to extend the existing research we were provided, built several rounds of paper and sketch prototypes and produced a clickable prototype and testing walkthrough guide that could be deployed over the web, or on a portable device such as a tablet or smart phone.


ACT Government – Community Services Directorate



Approaches used

product design, service design, user experience design

Related topics

cxd, government, interviews, prototyping, uxd, wireframing