Stephen Collins

Steve started acidlabs in late 2006 after training originally as a journalist and spending his first careers in public policy and small consulting companies. He was done with being accused of not fitting in once too often. He’s a proponent of human scale and human-friendly workplaces, and giving people a meaningful place to work and actual balance in their lives.

Steve cares deeply about things like design ethics (the topic of his in-progress master’s thesis), representation (recognising he’s one of way too many middle-class, educated, middle-aged, white dudes in design), the big picture, and building smarter clients.

He’s a dilettante bonsai grower and keen gardener, certain that home-grown tomatoes are the best and Chinese Elms are almost impossible to keep alive!

Steve is known to many as “trib”. It’s a long story. Feel free to use it.

Politically and socially, he’s a humanist and progressive and uses the pronouns he/him/his.

Founder and Principal Designer