Nathanael Coyne

Nathanael isn’t interested in shiny; he just wants to take things that are broken and make them work. He is strongly against calls for UX designers to learn how to code in order to be useful and successful.

He pursues the hard problems that many people shy away from and loves working with complex challenges that others would find overwhelming or tedious.

His favourite projects are in government where he feels like he’s doing good wholesome work whether it be specific such as providing better services to people seeking employment, or uplifting the design capability and agility of entire government agencies and departments so they can deliver better services to people.

He started his career as a web application developer back in 2000 but quickly became dissatisfied with the exclusive focus on technology and the lack of validation of products with users.

As a father of a toddler his spare time right now is fairly limited but he loves to work out in the garage with a No. 5 bench plane or MIG welder or going for long slow ambles in the bush with a camera.