Katrina Tidy

Katrina is a rarity in the area of business development – preferring to listen to her clients rather than talk at them. Often also referred to as Kat or KT, she has always gravitated to working with smart people that “solve stuff without fluff!”*

Her previous working life has involved variations of wordsmithing, editing, design. and marketing roles across private and public sectors. She has always been intrigued by the possibilities of how humans, technology and systems can be integrated to change the complicated to seamless and simple.

After a few years of serendipitous meetings (online and off) with people in the fields of design and innovation, she suspects she has found her niche with acidlabs.

Kat is obsessed with ancient languages, ancient history, anthropology, jigsaw puzzles, and permaculture and is that person who reviews a menu and spots the typos before considering the eating options. She tries to compensate by playing class clown.

* Patent pending

Senior BD and Content Strategist