Our purpose | acidlabs
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Our purpose

Working together gives us an opportunity to do things that make a difference.

We never want to forget that. More than the things we do, acidlabs Studios is a way to improve people’s lives and make the world a better place.

Purpose – why we exist

To help people design smarter, more efficient and effective, happier organisations.

Vision – what we’re working toward

Organisations we work with are better at what they do because we helped them design it that way – and they’re happier and more effective because of our work.

Values – how we do our work


Err on the side of openness. Always. There’s no such thing as too honest. Who are you if you’re not yourself?


Believe the best in people, until they prove you otherwise. Take the trust that others place in you to heart.


The essentials are all you need. Focus is a limited resource. A good litmus test is “What would happen if I didn’t do this?”


Connect with what gives you meaning. Have a burning desire to help others feel the same way. On fire is the only way to be.