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Careers at acidlabs Studios

Let’s do a thought experiment.

You walk into the foyer of a large office building. You see a line at the reception desk, confused people looking at the building directory, crowds outside the lifts, and a cranky bike courier who’s trying to figure out where to deliver the large envelope she’s just arrived with.

Do you:

  1. Accept there’s nothing you can do and join in the confusion and frustration.
  2. Watch the traffic flow and try to work out what’s up.
  3. Feel compelled to try to help people find their way.
  4. Look at the building signage to see if the wayfinding actually works.
  5. Whip out your notebook and try redesigning the thing.
  6. All or some of 2-5?

If you answered any of 2-5, and especially 6, we’d like to talk.

Here at acidlabs Studios, we’re looking for several senior user experience and service designers to join us.

While initial engagements are usually contracts, they could become full-time or part-time permanent roles.

We’re looking for people who:

  • have five or more years industry experience
  • can work fluidly at scale, from tiny organisations to big government and private enterprise
  • have a portfolio of work that shows measurable results
  • enjoy working as part of a remote team of people around Australia and overseas
  • can work either on-site with clients, in-studio, or remote
  • care about making a difference with your work
  • share our purpose

As a human-centered design shop, acidlabs Studios believes in the work we do, and the people we do it with more. Which means we offer excellent rates and some decent perks – like 4-day weeks in Summer, work where you like, development allowance and a few more.

Let us know you’re interested by contacting us at, or on any of our social channels, and get us to pay attention to you the best way you know how.