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On The Future of Collaborative Enterprise

On The Future of Collaborative Enterprise

French collaboration expert, Thierry De Baillon and his colleagues have been working on a project entitled The Future of Collaborative Enterprise, that, in their words is intended to be:

… a laboratory, an attempt to pave the path to a plausible future, by drafting actionable scenarios of what “social” organizations might look like and operate in five to ten years from now. Far from a definitive answer to every question businesses ever asked, we aim at providing breadcrumbs, inducing reactions, and dissipating the smoke around organizational innovation.

Thierry did me the honor of involving me in his project as one of his 20 Thinkers; folk who have strong views on enterprise collaboration and a great deal of experience working in or envisioning what such an organisation might look and behave like. I’m in illustrious company, including people such as X-Plane/Dachis Group‘s Dave Gray, Rachel Happe from The Community Roundtable, Paula Thornton, Ray Wang of Constellation ResearchLuis Suarez of IBM, John Husband from Wirearchy and fellow Australian, Ross Dawson.

The videos and transcript of my conversation with The Future of Collaborative Enterprise are available on the project’s site. I’ve embedded the 5-or-so minutes of video extracted from our lengthy Skype call below. I hope you enjoy it.

Stephen Collins
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