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Work or play? Network or media?

Work or play? Network or media?

The conflation of social media (things we make and share online) and social networks (a human thing that we can, but don’t necessarily do online) is, I believe, one of the reasons organisations struggle with social. Certainly, in my experience, when you sit down with people and start trying to bring them along on the “social business is a good thing” journey, this confusion is a common challenge to be surmounted.

After all, casual sharing of pics of your cat is hardly productive, is it?

Conversely, collaboration with your colleagues, peers and stakeholders in order to innovate, make or save money, that’s good right?

I think as people who work in and around social media and social networks, trying to help our colleagues understand the benefits of what we believe to be a good thing, it’s incumbent upon us to act like the professional communicators we say we are and make sure we say “media” when we mean media and say “network” when we mean network. Conflating the two does us no¬†favors.

Of course, this is something of an absolute position, and there are always points where the two blur legitimately. We need to be aware of that and make sure we use the right words at the right time, communicating well.

Stephen Collins
  • Nick Kemp
    Posted at 11:08h, 26 November Reply

    I am glad you made this distinction. Social media done for the sake of it can be a complete waste of time. I have been given the task to promote a product using Facebook at work. The problem is,while the product has a purpose with a market it doesn’t have fans or people dying to tweet or blog about it. So I am not sure facebook will work. But with keeping in mind the differnes between media and networking, real word of mouth (the human thing we can’t do onlie), social networking would work for this product. thanks again for the distinction.

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