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An open message to Tom Watson

An open message to Tom Watson

Tom, while I can never vote for you, as I live on the other side of the world, I think you’re setting the standard with your digital pledges as a part of your election campaign. You are doing great work as a digitally engaged politician who listens to and understands the concerns of your constituents.

That said, I’ll leave most of the commentary to the UK folk who’ve commented on your blog post. They are closer to you than I.

No doubt, you’re abundantly aware that your constituency now extends well beyond the electorate you represent, not least because you took a principled stand against things like the DE Bill.

If only such a thing could occur in Australia, where, for example, the proposed filtering law’s chief parliamentary opponent, Senator Kate Lundy, is bound by the rules of the Labor Caucus and cannot cross the floor for fear of expulsion from the Party. Rather, she has to play some political games and work from the inside. That’s expected and understood, but it’d be nice if our politicians were always free to vote with the wishes of their constituents (and their own hearts).

I’d say, make your words stronger, though I fully understand that political needs can make that hard.

Continue to make and take a stand.

Make sure that further insidious moves such as ACTA are not legislated for in the UK in a way that hurts people.

Keep up the great work!

Stephen Collins
  • Nick Taylor
    Posted at 13:07h, 13 April Reply

    I kindof concur with the sentiment. I can vote. Can I? I’m from Brighton UK.

    Which means I can’t vote… or if I did, I’d be voting for a (labour) politician who is worse than useless – his only purpose is as a type of political expanded polystyrene foam… to take up space that would otherwise be occupied by tories.

    He voted for the #debill. He voted for ID cards. He voted for draconian policies in the name of (Oooh Scary) “terror”. Sorry to say, but the labour party have turned into the same reprehensible self-serving scum that the tories were. I have this vision of the upcoming elections…. and it’s The House… during the #debill “debate”. 20 people there.

    That’s all there is. A pathetic, pisstaking shell of a system where nobody cares, and nobody bothers to turn up… and instead there’s this periodic punch-and-judy charade where cabals of grotesque old hacks squabble in the footlights over issues that really, really, really, honestly don’t fucking matter.

    So I can’t vote labour. Sorry. It’s greens or pirates. Labour’s finished.

    You need to form another party I think – there are people within labour who aren’t total sellouts – you probably have more in common with people from the Greens or The Pirates than Labour… but I think there needs to be something more – something at the level of “process”. The Policy-Acquisition phase needs to be far more inclusive… because right now, no party has the spine to address issues that really need addressing.

    The idea of doing something at a global level is also interesting – Dennis Kucinich in the US is another one… people who actually stand for something. Ron Paul does as well – although that whole Libertarian thing is a bit dubious – but there’s real power in the overlap I think.

    Still… thanks.

  • Rich Quick
    Posted at 17:54h, 13 April Reply

    Nick, if you live in Brighton you could vote Green?

    They’ve got a realistic chance of winning and their views on Internet / Data are very progressive.

  • Rich Quick
    Posted at 18:02h, 13 April Reply

    Re: It’d be nice if our politicians were always free to vote with the wishes of their constituents (and their own hearts).

    I don’t know the rules down under, but it’s certainly not true that MPs are free to vote with their own hearts here.

    Some votes are free votes, but the DE Bill was a “3 line whip”, meaning that anyone voting against or speaking out against the Government would suffer serious consequences.

    For example, there’s an election going on yet in Tom Watson’s constituency, his party aren’t putting up billboard ads for him.

    Basically, you can legally vote which way you like. But if you do, you’ll suffer.

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