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What’s filling my head on UX?

What’s filling my head on UX?

In the process of preparing to write a report for a major client, I’ve been reading or rereading all these in depth the past two weeks to ensure that my mind is as full of the necessary information as possible. Now I’ve read and digested, I’m ready to start writing. That’s how I do it.


These are the core of my experience and design library. Happy to loan any of them. Some of them I have as Kindle books, so a touch harder. I’ve reread every one of them in the past fortnight.

There are a great many more books that I refer to regularly that you can see either at GoodReads or LibraryThing (I try to keep both up to date, but am not always 100 per cent successful).

Mailing lists

I read the full content of interesting new posts on these every day. Also, often delve into past conversations. A rich and useful resource.

More recent online information

Stuff mostly from this year that is giving me additional input.

Stephen Collins
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