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Off to the Growth Summit

Off to the Growth Summit

Next Thursday, I’m speaking at the Technology to Drive Growth workshop at the National Growth Summit conference in Sydney.

I’ll be doing a short presentation entitled Cluetrains, Conversations, Trust and Openness that I hope will open some eyes to the opportunities businesses can realise if they deal with their customers and stakeholders as their principal concern and communicate openly and authentically.

I’m sharing the stage on the day with a bunch of other smart folk that I really respect, including:

  • Rob Manson from MOB
  • Kate Carruthers from DBG, and
  • Mick Liubinskas from Pollenizer

There are a bunch of others who are all likely to have great insight into building your business.

We’re also running a series of short roundtable discussions, including mine, which will be on the topic So, why wouldn’t you ride the Cluetrain?

As a special deal, you can access a half-price ticket to this event by downloading the registration form or registering online with a promo code you can have if you DM me on Twitter.

The event details, in case you want them quickly are:

Technology to Drive Growth Workshop

When: Thursday February 18th, 8:30am – 4:00pm

Where: Sydney Convention Centre

Stephen Collins

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