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Web 2.0 University to launch in Australia and NZ

Web 2.0 University to launch in Australia and NZ

acidlabs and Hinchcliffe & Company are pleased to announce that they agreed to a partnership that will see acidlabs deliver Web 2.0 University‘s courses in Australia and New Zealand. Partnering also with Web Directions, who will provide event hosting and publicity, Web 2.0 University is a first in the region.

Courses will be offered several times a year through hosting partner Web Directions, including at Web Directions South, where the very first Web 2.0 University Executive Bootcamp in the southern hemisphere will be offered as a pre-conference workshop on 23 September 2008.

You can register now for Web 2.0 University at https://secure.webdirections.org/wds08.

Web 2.0 University is the world’s leading education service to help business and technical leaders move their businesses into the 21st Century. Web 2.0 University contains practical and hard hitting premium education that delves deeply into the design patterns and business models for taking businesses fully into the modern online world.

Web 2.0 University can be found at http://web20university.com.

Aimed at both the Fortune 500 and web startup audience, Web 2.0 University delivers must-know knowledge on how to design next generation online products and services. Thousands of product managers, executives, and architects on three continents have completed this highly rated Web 2.0 education.

acidlabs will deliver Hinchcliffe & Company’s Web 2.0 University courses in the region, and thanks to our expertise in understanding the needs of regional business through our consulting activities, will deliver the courses custom tailored for the local market

In addition to the general events, acidlabs will offer company-tailored versions tuned to the specific needs of organisations.

The Founder of Web 2.0 University is Dion Hinchcliffe, President & Chief Technology Officer of the Enterprise Web 2.0 advisory and consulting firm Hinchcliffe & Company, based in Alexandria, VA. Dion speaks and writes prolifically in addition to working with clients ranging from Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies to technology startups. He is Editor-in-Chief of Social Computing Magazine and as well as publishing and blogging widely speaks throughout North America and Europe about Enterprise 2.0, Web 2.0, Enterprise Social Software, and SOA.

Alexandria, Virginia based Hinchcliffe & Company is one of the world’s most highly-regarded Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 consultancies, assisting its clients through strategic services including consulting, advisories, briefings and education.

Stephen Collins
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  • Luis Suarez
    Posted at 10:10h, 15 August Reply

    Whooooaaaahhhh! This is some awesome piece of news, Steve! Well done and congrats to both parties for a very fruitful partnership, I am sure! I am certainly looking forward to further blog posts on the subject as I can see the outstanding quality that would be provided throughout! What great news, indeed!

    Congratulations everyone! 😀

  • Roxy Cross
    Posted at 10:54h, 15 August Reply

    No stopping you now and welcome!!! Aussie/NZ Power!

  • Robbert Homburg
    Posted at 23:11h, 15 August Reply

    Wow, sounds great, hope you get from it what you want! Good luck from The Netherlands with your partnership. I would love to hear more of what your are doing together and your experiences!

  • Kate Carruthers
    Posted at 20:37h, 17 August Reply

    Hey glad you have finally announced this news – very exicting stuff, congratulations!

  • Des Walsh
    Posted at 10:24h, 25 August Reply

    Looks like a very exciting and appropriate partnership for you Steve. Your Web 2.0 University sounds highly recommendable!

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  • @mister_black
    Posted at 22:12h, 23 December Reply

    Are there any courses scheduled for 2009?

  • Stephen Collins
    Posted at 22:45h, 23 December Reply

    I’ll be looking to run 2-3 in Sydney in 2009 as well as one each in Melbourne and another major city. I just haven’t decided where and when yet. Early January project.

    If I get adequate interest, I’ll begin now.

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