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Quoted in CIO magazine on Enterprise 2.0

Quoted in CIO magazine on Enterprise 2.0


A while back now, journalist Sue Bushell interviewed me on the subject of Enterprise 2.0. We talked a couple of times over a few days and now, her major article has been published in the Australian version of CIO magazine.

Most exciting for me is that Sue has used me as the lead interview in the piece! Here’s the opening couple of paragraphs:

Canberra-based knowledge economy and social computing evangelist Stephen Collins heard a quote earlier this year that perfectly describes the Enterprise 2.0 dilemma: “If you want to find out what tools your staff are finding most useful at the moment, just go and see what your IT department is blocking.”

All too true, and not nearly as funny as it sounds at first glance, Collins declares. With Australia apparently several steps behind the US and Europe in Enterprise 2.0/Web 2.0/social media uptake, and corporate efforts at adoption thwarted by lack of real understanding, Collins is frustrated, calling this blocking attitude “frankly criminal”.

It’s a really good, in-depth piece that takes a look at all the factors – culture, hype, risk, security, the need to connect you organisation interanally and across the wall and the very real fact that work is changing. This is not your father’s business world.

You should definitely bookmark the article. It’s an ideal one to toss on your manager’s desk.

Stephen Collins
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